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We have four currencies in Okvlt Clothing store - Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds and Polish Zlotys. 

While British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars can be used by clients all over the world, Polish Zlotys can only be used in Poland. 

To change currency, choose appropriate one from the box on the right side of the store page.



The cost of shipping is shown during the order proccess and it depends on the weight of the package.



0-500 grams - 6 €
500-1000 grams - 10 €
1000-2000 grams - 18 €

U.S. Dollar

0-500 grams - 6 $
500-1000 grams - 10 $
1000-2000 grams - 18 $

British Pound:

0-500 grams - 5 £
500-1000 grams - 8 £
1000-2000 grams - 14 £

THE WORLD (not including Europe)

U.S. Dollar:

0-500 grams - 10 $
500-1000 grams - 12 $
1000-1500 grams - 14 $
1500-2000 grams - 
16 $


0-500 grams - 10 
500-1000 grams - 12 
1000-1500 grams - 14 
1500-2000 grams - 

British Pound:

0-500 grams - 8 £
500-1000 grams - 10 £
1000-1500 grams - 12 £
1500-2000 grams - 
14 £



The Okvlt Clothing shop delivers the orders either via main post operators in the shipment country, covering nearly all world countries. The Courier delivers the order to your country, and from that moment the package is being taken over by your local post company. 

NOTE! The order will be available to pick up only by the person who you will put in the shipment address, it cannot be left to your neighbour or the house porch for example. 

NOTE! Okvlt Clothing is not responsible for any additional customs duties in your country. Please check the customs regulations.

The shipping method is selected as one of the stages of placing an order.

The shipping time varies and depends on your country of residence. Post operators declares the shipping time, but we are not responsible for keeping them. These are just estimations, not guaranteed shipment times.

The cost of shipping depends on the destination country, weigh and shipping method. The cost will be given while placing the order.

Please note that we are shipping to almost all countries in Europe. 

We are aware of the fact that once the order is placed and paid for you would like to get it as soon as possible, so we always try to send the order the day we get the payment or the next day.



In our store you can pay in three currencies: GBP, Euro and USD. To switch the currency, just click on the currency symbol/name located in the box on the right-top side of our store. All prices include tax.

In the Okvlt Clothing shop there are two types of payment for your order: on-line payment using PayPal and payment via bank transfer. You can choose your payment method while making your order.

Please remember, that PayPal is the fastest payment method (we are getting the money almost immediately and we can start proceeding the order) while the abroad money transfer takes several days until we get it and this is when we are starting proceeding the order. Also, please remember that your bank can charge you an additional fee for making abroad money transfers between banks. 



This is the fastest and easiest method of payment. After placing an order and clicking the "Pay" button you are automatically redirected to the PayPal login page. After logging into your PayPal account you will be able to pay for your order immediately - through credit card, online payment card or with PayPal balance. 

Please note that payment using PayPal is fully secure. PayPal is the world leader in online payments. Our store does not have access to any data of your PayPal account (credit card number, etc.) and whole payment process is being done within PayPal. The only thing that PayPal sends us back is the information about the status of the payment. This is a safe way of paymentas any sensitive operations are held on the well-secured PayPal system. More information is available on the operator site.

If you have any comments or requests concerning the orders please contact us only using our contact form. The comments left in the PayPal system will not be taken under consideration. At the same time, please note that we are always using the shipment address left in the store, not the one which is defined in PayPal.

If you somehow miss the "Pay" button, please make a payment to our PayPal address - and don't forget to put there the order number, otherwise we won't be able to identify your payment quickly.



When placing an order using bank transfer payment option, you will get an email from us where you will find the details for the order and all bank transfer data. In addition, upon confirmation of order you will receive the order confirmation email with all the necessary details.

Most banks need three things to make the abroad bank transfer: the name of the bank, the IBAN number and the BIC identifier. All the data is given to you in the order confirmation email and receipt, but we will repeat it here to make it clearer. 

EURO, USD, GBP  payments:


BANK NAME : Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski SA
BANK ADDRESS : ul. Przyokopowa 33 01-208 Warszawa
ACCOUNT NO. : PL 55 1020 4391 0000 6102 0136 5741  (if it does not work, use simply 55 1020 4391 0000 6102 0136 5741 , without "PL")
Jaromir Matusz
ul. Cicha 3/70
35-326 Rzeszow
TRANSFER TITLE : type your full name

We begin to process your order when we get your payment. Remember, that all the orders which are not paid within 7 days are cancelled. You can contact us to extend the deadline.

Please note, that your bank can additionally charge you when the currency needs to be converted to GBP, Euro or USD or just for paying the abroad transfer. Please contact your bank before you make the transfer to know the exact cost.



Each order for which we got payment will be proceeded within 24-48 hours.

Please remember, that orders which are not confirmed and not paid will be cancelled in 7 days. 

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