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OKVLT Clothing is a team combining many years’ experience in producing clothing with original, own designs of patterns created of passion, taking into account contemporary trends.

OKVLT Clothing is an idea that came to being in 2015 and a compliment to people with dark souls, who are in search of something which will make them stand out in the crowd. T-shirts are our leading product; nevertheless, we are going to increase our stock with sweatshirts, and with time other pieces of clothing. In our projects we’ve taken a step into generally understood darkness, dressed in a characteristic style. At the same time we try to aim at different tastes, so that everyone can find something for themselves. We decided to stay by two colours – black and white – and base on their contrast. By means of this our patterns gain a lot of sharpness, taking into account their size. Our projects are issued in a limited amount, which has impact on their uniqueness, and thus particular patterns remain unusual. Within the framework of such a limited amount, we are going to create limited editions, in which different materials, types of printed design and colours will be used. We won’t forget about bargains, about which you will be informed via our Facebook fanpage as well as Instagram, which can be accessed directly from the website. It is worth following such information, thus we encourage you to do so.

Let us move to how OKVLT Clothing operates. We base on a huge experience, thus we care about the highest quality of our products and high comfort of wearing them. We have our own production facilities, therefore all the clothes are sewed by us. The printed designs on our clothes are made with the use of screen printing technology and made with great care. Each T-shirt is labelled with three Okvlt Clothing labels. The material used for production of our T-shirts is cotton of 170-180 g/m2 grammage, produced in Polish factories with the use of cutting-edge technologies and according to the norms and expectations of contemporary market. All the projects are original, created by Okvlt Clothing and we reserve the right to exploit them. 

Last of all…

Not only is OKVLT Clothing own production, but also we are eager to take up commissions to create individual projects. All you have to do is contact us in order to discuss the details. We are capable of creating a new product from the stage of a making a design, through production, printing and finally to packaging and labelling.

We are also eager to cooperate with brand promotors. In case you are interested in cooperation, send us a message.

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